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Orana - 14th September 2015

Christchurch has New Zealand's only open range zoo - Orana Park - tucked away along McClean's Island Road. They are one of the zoos that I like, focussed on conservation, breeding and education. They have a smart approach, with a cascading series of animal feeding times linked to talks by the keepers, who seem only too happy to stop and chat about the animals in their care. This gives you a comfortable pace to stroll around the 80 hectare park (200 acres) and catch all the action. It's worth doing because, as this is an open range zoo, the animals will often choose to be elsewhere when not being fed, and may appear as a distant dot at the back of a large paddock.

They do not have a huge variety of animals, but try to show them to their best advantage. The signature attraction would probably be the lion experience where visitors are placed inside a caged vehicle and driven into the lion enclosure (see photo). The lions are fed through the cage and so climb on top and lean against the sides - about as close as you can get to a hungry lion without being eaten.

The Kea aviary - a walk through - was also fun. The Keas - Alpine parrots - are intelligent and relatively fearless, walking quite happily around the feet of visitors. One of them has apparently worked out how to press the button that releases the door, but can't push the door open at the same time. Apparently they love hard boiled eggs, but it's a bad idea to feed them in the wild because they can lose their foraging skills which makes it harder for them to survive a tough winter.

The latest addition to the park is the great ape house, which had just opened with a trio of young male western lowland gorillas. The eldest of these, Fataki, who is twelve, apparently has the strength of eleven men, so no trouble with opening sticky jam jar lids then.

The park is ornamented by dozens of Acacia trees, pretty much all of which were out in bright yellow display, and with the temperature a balmy 20C it was hard not to think of it as a summer's day, though we are barely into spring.

A good place to visit, a worthy cause to support, and a well managed zoo.

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